Know The documents Required To get An Indian Employment Visa !

Indian Employment Visa

As per Indian government guidelines, those scheduled to travel to India for working as an employee in an India-based company should get an Indian employment visa. Although you can apply for the same only through the Indian task or post near your place of residence because the Indian government does not offer a short-term e- employment visa facility.

Indian employment visa is basically issued to foreign nationals who are seeking entry into Indian territory to conduct a temporary employment service. However, you should first present the necessary documents and information to obtain this work visa or work permit. Once obtained, your employment visa will remain valid for up to three years if you are employed in the IT sector.

This duration will range to five years if you are a technical expert and your purpose of travel is to provide services as per the contract between your inborn government and the Indian government. And if your purpose of employment is other than these, then your employment visa will be valid for only two years. Having understood the details of what an Indian employment visa is, let’s jump onto the list of documents that are a must to be able to obtain an employment visa.


You will need to access the Indian visa application through the Indian visa online portal. Also, you will have to fill out the form on this online portal only and get it printed after having provided all the information. No downloaded or handwritten form will be accepted by the Indian mission, so make sure you only get the print of an online filled and signed application.


You should be a holder of an international passport that will represent proof of your nationality. You will require to submit your original passport and a copy of your passport to the Indian embassy. Also, remember that your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of departure from India and should contain at least two blank pages to be stamped by the immigration officer.


A 2×2 sized recently clicked photo is a must to be attached to the application form. The photograph must be with a white plain background, wherein you should not be wearing glasses or any type of headwear except that for spiritual purposes.

Proof of Residency:

Proof of residency is anything from a driver’s license to a state-issued ID, that states your address of residence in the native country. This, just like a passport, aids the purpose of proof of nationality.

Employment-Related Document:

Applicants are obligatory to provide their resume and everything related to their employment in India. They must deliver a letter of appointment that states the name of the company, job profile, duration of the job, nature of the job, and salary. To ensure the employing company is registered with the Indian government, the Indian government asks for a Memorandum of Association or Article of Association of the company.

In case of any default on the part of the applicant, the liability will be met by the employing company, hence a tax liability document is required to ensure the company will be able to meet that obligation if required. An explanation letter as a statement of the employer that the employed foreign national is a skilled and qualified professional, technical expert, or senior executive, is also a favourable document.

From passport to every document that indicates your employment, every document plays a vital role in getting an Indian employment visa, hence make sure you have all of them organized before applying for an Indian Visa for Employment.

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